Committee System

Why we are calling for a change?

So that all 51 councillors, from all parties, have real power to represent their constituents, not just the 9 cabinet councillors.

So that decisions have input from more councillors, citizens, experts and communities, for a more open, efficient and transparent council.

Because a committee-based system is more flexible to cope with the issues the city might face in the future. Enabling councillors the opportunity to stamp out waste and influence projects better (such as the A52 and Assembly Rooms).

We Need Change

Currently the concentration of power is in the hands of just 9 Conservative Councillors despite the Conservative Party not having a majority to run the Council. A committee system is based on the number of Councillors each party has. Adapting a committee system will force Councillors to work together, focusing on what’s important for Derby, instead of obstructive party-political tribalism. 

By implementing a committee system we will change the way councillors scrutinise decisions by having a direct input. Under the current system most scrutiny decisions are disregarded by the cabinet. Scrapping the cabinet system will stop the waste of time and energy when communities often have to fight the council, only for it to change its original decision.

Derby can change to this new, more democratic and efficient Modern Committee system, that is more transparent and representative.

Derby deserves a committee system!



The two largest parties on the council have refused to support this democratic change. We need your help to get signatures at least 5% of the electorate in Derby (that’s 8999 names in total) whereby the Council, by law, must hold a city-wide referendum giving all voters the option of changing to a modern and democratic committee system.


Make up of the Council:


Cabinet positions:

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