Council Tax

Our group believes that Council Tax should be as low as possible. For many years Council tax has been raised above inflation and thus decreasing disposable income. Residents having more money will allow them to spend this in the community. In return this will help business grow and create more jobs.

Our aims include driving down Council Tax, reducing waste, stamping out corruption and giving power back to the people.

Below is the graph of Council Tax (Band D) in Derby Since 1997:

A decade on from the introduction of the council tax freeze scheme in 2010 – a coalition government policy of providing grants to local authorities in England to allow them to freeze Council tax – it appears that the days of inflation busting increases are back.

*From 1997 – 2017; Council tax has risen 57% in real terms.

Council Tax 2020 Debate only our group opposed the 4% INCREASE!

We believe in keeping Council Tax as low as possible. Council tax increases hit the lower paid harder than any other group in society and low-income taxpayers are always the ones that suffer.

We look closely at ways to save costs and stamp out waste. At the council meeting where council tax was debated we presented our case to halve the recommended increase – protecting the social care increase. However all the establishment parties (Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem) rejected the idea. Cllr Kus argued: “Council Tax hurts the less well off in our society. Council Tax in Derby has increased 57% in real terms since 1997. The tax burden is already at a 50 year high and it is unfair to keep asking taxpayers to dig deeper.”
Note: UK wages are expected to receive a 1.1% real salary increase in 2020 (prediction before COVID19)

Kirk Kus

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