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Total Councillors in Derby


People in Derby will only need to vote once every four years to elect members to the city council from 2023. All 51 Councillors will be up for election on 4th May 2023.

Next Local elections:


Council Chamber

Derby City Councillors meet in the Council Chamber 7 times a year to debate and change policies for Derby. Here is the current make up of the Council:

No Whip system

Other parties have a whip system. This means they have to vote as their whip tells them to. Our Councillors are free to vote independently on all local issues and are not “whipped”. Our Councillors will not be told how to vote and only answer to you, the electorate.

Could you be a Councillor?

Being a Councillor is extremely rewarding. It gives you the opportunity to help your community and help Derby become a better place.

We are looking for enthusiastic hardworking candidates that want to help Reform Derby for good. If you are good at problem solving and want to influence local and national politics then please apply.

To be eligible you must be:

18 or over,

and a UK, EU or Commonwealth Citizen,

and either be registered to vote on the current register with the local council. or have either worked or lived in the council’s area for one year.

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